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Chris Roger's Books

Novels by Chris Rogers

  • Bitch Factor
  • Rage Factor
  • Chill Factor
  • Slice of Life
  • Emissary
  • Here Lies a Wicked Man
  • Here Lies a Brazen Woman
  • Paradise Cursed
  • Paradise Cursed 2, Tortured Spirit

Short Story Collections by Chris Rogers

  • Death Edge Tales
  • Death Edge 2
  • Death Edge 3
  • Death Edge 4
  • Death Edge 5

Nonfiction by Chris Rogers

  • Goosing the Write Brain: A Storyteller’s Toolkit

Slice of Life - by Chris Rogers

A Slice of Life by Chris Rogers

Dixie Flannigan, Houston bounty hunter, is “willing to get down and dirty with the lowest of the low in order to land her man." (New York Post) But this time she’s pursuing a troubled young woman, and the chase takes Dixie deep into a family’s bloodiest secrets. Egged on by her 13-year-old nephew Ryan, who, intent on snagging a hefty reward, has tracked the thief by computer from Tulip, Arkansas to Houston, Texas, Dixie breaks her own cardinal rule to never entangle dangerous work with her personal life. Her weekend has already been designated as a time to rescue her shaky relationship with the only man who makes her heart dance and her toes curl - but the girl isn't a killer, just wrong-headed and slippery, and Dixie hates disappointing her devoted nephew. By the time bodies start surfacing, Dixie has tracked the girl to the dark fringes of Galveston Island, where sinister layers of history begin to unravel, along with Dixie's love life. Now, she's in too deep to quit, and the closer she gets to her target, the more she wonders whether she's chasing a wily villain or a fragile victim of crimes far more horrifying than mere theft.

Dixie Flannigan is ...
"Funny, clever and entertaining," - The Washington Times
"The best new heorine to come along in years!" - Library Journey
"Good news for readers." - San Antonio Express-News