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The creation of art is a journey. On a drive to the city, every mile offers a new vision - interesting brick walls, a junk yard, a hardware store. Each scene inspires me to pick up a paint brush. On meeting new people or spying a beautiful face in a crowd, I want to paint more than the face they present to the world, I want their passions and dreams. Read more about Chris... 

What Does a Favorite Color Scheme Say to You? From commercial advertising to home decorating or fine art, color has long been studied by scientists and psychologists, and as an artist I find their discoveries fascinating. But how can we use that information? In this New Blog Series we’ll explore all the colors in a Crayon box, how they make us feel and how they are used in art as well as in everyday life.


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“Every artist," to paraphrase Henry Ward Beecher, "dips a brush into her own soul, and paints her own nature into her pictures.” Whether I’m painting a person, place or object, from reality or an inner vision, or simply allowing the flow of paint to guide me, my soul and nature are on board.




About Chris Rogers

A visual and literary creative, Chris Rogers began her artistic journey as a graphic designer. Corporate and commercial promotions occupied most of her energy during the early years, until Rogers' adventurous spirit eventually led her to the thrill of applying paint to canvas.

After moving to the Texas countryside, she directed her skills toward contemporary abstraction and traditional portraiture. Her work includes an array of water-media and mixed-media art, including representational pieces, but primarily focusing on color-saturated nonrepresentational imagery. Her paintings now reside in both private and corporate collections. They can be seen in galleries and venues throughout Central Texas. Read more about Chris...

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